Microdermabrasion Reconstruction

A resurfacing procedure used to renew skin texture, fine lines, scars and sun damage for a total skin renewal

LED Renewal

An innovative therapy which utilizes light wavelengths that are scientifically proven to stimulate fibroblasts to increase collagen and elastin. Safe, non toxic for an intense, youthful Sarah Glow

Nano-induction InFusion

Unique nano technology utilizes sphere shaped  osclliating  nano-chips to deeply penetrate beneficial active ingredient for a “red carpet result.

High Frequency Perfecting

This alternating current speeds healing on acneic skin, known as the "zit zapper", this germicidal wand reduces oil and has a healing effect on distressed skin

Oxygen Hydration

Oxygen with hyperbaric pressure deeply delivers nutritive antioxidants & vitamins deep into the skin a profound Sarah Glow

Cryotherapy Regeneration

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid penetrated with ice-cold cooling globes leave the skin tight and glowing for several hours

Enzyme Peel Refresher

Enzyme peels deeply clean and detoxify and deep clean pores by digesting dead skin cells, pollutants and oils. They gently refresh the skin and prep the skin for most treatments.  Papaya, pepsin, lactic prepare the skin for a glow-boosting effect.

Enhancement Services

Decolotte (chest) treatment

Hand rejuvenation

Brow shape and wax

Brow tint

Lash tint

Hydro-brasion Restoration

Latest skincare technology effectively yet gently resurfaces the skin utilizing a water jet. Gently detoxifies the tissue and infuses concentrated vitamins and minerals for ultimate skin health and the ultimate “plump

Mesotherapy Revitalization

Utilizes a low-energy laser along with a safe electrical current to deliver antioxidants and vitamins to targeted areas for a skin tightening collagen boost and lymphatic drainage

Galvanic Conditioning

Prepares skin for extractions and enhances product penetration for soothing and closing pores, and forces penetration of mask ingredients

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

RF energy stimulates subdermal college to tighten loose skin

Microcurrent Revitalization

Famoulsy referred to as the “natural facelift”, this safe, painless and effective treatment improves muscle tone, reduces puffiness, improves skin tone and pore  size by safely delivery of low intensity electrical impulses trigger muscles and collagen.

Chemical Peel Refresher

Chemicals peels resurface the skin through application of a single acid or a specialized layering technique for advanced skin resurfacing. Lactic, Mandelic, Glycolic, TCA modified, salicylic, Fruit Acid blends all have different properties and function


A two in one super hero, at 28,000 pulse per second ultrasound spatula used in negative ionic setting, lifts impurities and gently resurfaces and exfoliates

Positive ion use force pentetrates serums through high speed ultrasonic waves for a fresh-faced, healthy looking illumination